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At the Elemental Kickboxing Academy, we have had experience of working with a wide range of people.  Have a read of our members' testimonials to see what our new, old and long term clients have had to say about us! *Please note, results may vary person to person

Michael Cooke

I have been training with David since 2009. I would recommend David for personal training and the club has a great atmosphere and togetherness. My nephew is 5 and has recently started attending and he loves it too. Suitable for all ages, fitness levels etc

- Michael Cooke 2017

Keith Hill

A great club with an excellent atmosphere. The instructors are first class and there’s lots of friendly members waited to train alongside you too. If you’re looking to get fit; if you have an interest in martial arts, or simply want to learn something new then I’d highly recommend checking EKA out.

- Keith Hill 2018

Jack Massey

I've been attending classes for just over a year now and I'm very happy with my fitness progression thanks to EKA. The instructors are highly skilled, knowledgeable professionals who have made me feel completely at ease from my first session. Having wanted to join a martial arts club for many years I've always felt as though the experience may be a little too daunting...however, you are in very safe hands at Elemental. If you're looking to get fit, make new friends and potentially work your way through the Kick-boxing grading scheme then I definitely recommend training with this club. Currently training for Junior purple belt and it's a fantastic feeling. Thanks all.

- Jack Massey 2018

Emma Gascoigne

Before I found these guys I was overweight, unfit and lacked confidence so I was apprehensive to say the least. I've found the atmosphere welcoming, and everyone is supportive and friendly. Now I'm hooked! And it is one hell of a workout. Hands down beats any gym I've ever been to (and there have been lots)!!

- Emma Gascoigne 2018

Becky Cairns

As the third kickboxing club I have been part of, Elemental Kickboxing Leeds has the best atmosphere, best instructor, best kit, and has progressed my fitness and skills the most! The training sessions are varied, and seem to include members of all levels. There is also the chance to see yourself improve by getting belts and feedback. If you like a challenge, it’s definitely worth a try!

- Becky Cairns 2018

James Laughey

I had previously participated in a couple of kickboxing clubs around the Leeds area, and at these clubs I never felt really comfortable until I joined EKA. It is without doubt the most friendly club I joined, I felt welcomed and not daunted by the pupils and instructors. I joined the club to keep up my fitness and to learn a form of martial art.

- James Laughey 2018

Louise Martin

My son joined just before Christmas and loves it, it gives him confidence in himself, would highly recommend it to people

- Louise Martin 2018

Helen Frost

Joined after Christmas as a challenge to myself. Extremely friendly club and was immediately made to feel welcome. Fantastic classes and before I know it the class is over leaving me looking forward to the next session. Great fun and I feel like I’m learning so much. Would highly recommend for people of all ages.

- Helen Frost 2018