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About Us

Welcome to the Elemental Kickboxing Academy (EKA).

At EKA, we redefine the martial arts experience with our dynamic approach to freestyle karate and kickboxing. Our training methodology integrates techniques from Tae Kwon Do, Karate, and Muay Thai, creating a western system focused on enhancing both physical and mental well-being for effective self-defence.

Our mission at Elemental Kickboxing Academy is to cultivate a welcoming club atmosphere, providing members with an opportunity to unwind through invigorating physical training. Offering high-intensity martial arts-based workouts in a secure environment, EKA is committed to teaching you a modernised form of martial arts rooted in traditional styles. With a dedication to enhancing fitness, strength, flexibility, speed, power, and confidence, our classes are designed to be both enjoyable and rewarding, fostering a sense of camaraderie among like-minded individuals.

Our classes encompass a diverse range of activities, including varied warm-ups, stretching, partner work, pad drills, line work, footwork, and strength training when appropriate. Light continuous sparring and points sparring are also incorporated, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging training experience. Each class maintains a clear focus, allowing you to choose the sessions that align with your goals, with the flexibility to move between classes at your convenience.

To maintain consistency and focus, we follow a structured syllabus in all our classes, regardless of the coaching staff. While we encourage all members to train at their best, we respect individual comfort levels and do not require participation in sparring or class demonstrations until members feel ready.

Join Elemental Kickboxing Academy, where passion meets purpose, and together, we'll unleash the martial artist within you. Explore the exciting journey of self-discovery and empowerment with EKA.

Elevate your training. Empower your spirit. Experience EKA.

Everything you need to know about the club can be found on our website. See key information below

1. Our Instructors

Our instructors are qualified, insured, and DBS checked. Read more about out instructors.

2. Membership

Club membership can be found on our website, files on your online account or directly with the club

3 . Adult Class Times (ages 11+)

Our adults class times can be found here

4. Children Class Times (ages 6-11)

Our children’s class times can be found here

5. Class Bookings

Book directly into your class via the club’s calendar here

6. Club Attire

For club training attire and casual wear please visit our online shop here. Club attire can be purchased in the facility also

7. Online Store

Check out the club’s online fitness store for workouts, remote training and additional club credits here

8. Gym & Studio Rental

Learn how you can hire our studio here

9. Training Methods

For more information regarding the clubs services please click here. This part of our website covers our lead, senior and assistant instructors. The clubs medical doctor, grading procedures, contract sparring rules, fight clubs and competitions we may have scheduled to attend. It also has details on how to use the facilities for personal use, attend private coaching with a club instructor, engage in online and remote training.

10. Blogs

The club writes blogs to assist your with your training, we focus on key areas such as training, martial arts and nutrition. Club FAQs, monthly newsletters and updated procedures. See here.

11. Reviews

Read what club members have to say about the club here

12. Health & Safety

Privacy Policy. Membership Certificate. Risk Assessment. Safeguarding Policy. Terms & Conditions

Contact us if you need any help or further advice.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us
Fast Paced Training

We are strong believers in creating a fun and enjoyable workout to help you achieve and maintain your goals. We keep everything fast paced - this ensures you get sweaty enough to feel you have smashed that workout.

Why Choose Us
Mixed Abilities

We cater for all abilities and all walks of life. We offer beginner/intermediate and intermediate/advanced level classes as a guide to help you chose what level you want to train at.

Why Choose Us
We Encourage

No one will be made to spar if they do not want to or become embarrassed if they struggle to perform a technique, everyone at the club is here to learn together, and full respect is needed to be shown at all times.

Why Choose Us

One of the hardest tasks in fitness is to keep yourself motivated. Our class instructors are great at keeping everyone motivated and ready to absolutely smash their kickboxing session and learn as much as they can.